This section lists frequently asked questions, that we are asked, and the answers to them

Is it possible to cure diabetes through surgery if drugs which reduce the sugar level does not give the expected result (blood sugar stays high all the time)?

Yes, it is. Furthermore, surgery is very effective method of assistance to patients with diabetes type 2, even in cases where long-standing traditional drug therapy is ineffective. In order to evaluate the possibility and prospects of your surgery, please come to us for consultation.

What is the difference between the laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection and the traditional abdominal surgery? What should I choose?

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection is as effective as "open" surgery, but has at the same time a number of significant advantages: easier and more comfortable postoperative period, fewer complications, better cosmetic effect, and a shorter rehabilitation period.

Is it possible to treat obesity by surgery for elderly patients with a "bouquet" of concomitant disease (I am 65 years old, weight is 135 kg, there are problems with the heart, feet joints, high blood pressure)? Is surgery safe at my age? Thank you.

Yes, it is. Any surgery involves a certain (more or less significant) risks. Careful preoperative examination for their evaluation is required. Most of the risk factors can be eliminated or at least substantially reduced, and only after that to operate. Come to our consultation.

Can I be operated, if an unsuccessful surgery already earlier took place (gastric banding, and then the removal of the bandage)? Many thanks.

Yes, you can. We have successful experience in treating such patients. I think we will be able to assist you as well.

I have problems with the spine (herniation) due to the increased weight (145 kg). I am advised to have a surgery, but only after the weight loss. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

Yes. Come to our consultation.

Excess weight has almost completely destroyed my life - I lost my job, and in fact I was a senior manager, my wife left me and went to a thin and hot man. Is it true that after the surgery, my potency will be restored?

According to statistics, the problem with attraction, potency and sterility are found in 50% of obese men. "Excess" fat tissue does not give the opportunity to normally produce male hormones, causing increased emergence of women ones: often obese men have effeminate features, the "female" figure and a high tone of voice. Operation of weight loss not only restores normal metabolism, but also significantly increases potency and libido.

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