Natalia Antoshishina

Natalia Antoshishina
Natalia Antoshishina

Hello my dear friends in distress!

My name is Natalia, I'm ... years old. I hope that my story will be useful for someone. I have always had overweight as I can remember. Parents are thin and slender, but constitution happened to be a little bit different. As a child I thought that genetics is an evil witch (she was often remembered by my parents). Exactly she takes away all of my cakes, chocolates and air pastries. My life has always been like a struggle with overweight, my habits and society.

And yet, even with the weight of 120 kg, I felt good enough. I was making a career, got married. Gave birth to a daughter ... and gained 20 kg more. I lost 10 kg by myself, but the remaining 130 kg significantly affected my life, sugar began to rise rapidly in my blood, the process of retinal detachment began. Looking ahead I would say now everything is good. At that stage the disease was already accompanied by a depression. The real fighter in life, I did not understand why I could not lose weight, while I put so much effort! I realized that I cannot lose weight on my own. I needed help.  

I began to read articles, and once I saw a TV program about the treatment of an overweight in the US and became interested in who does the same but in Ukraine. Was surprised when found out that just four tram stations away from my house was the salvation, Shalimov Institute, where Professor Todurov I. and the team performed such surgeries every day. I could not believe it! Every day I went past it at least twice and did not realize that my salvation was so close ...)))

I had no fear before the operation, the decision was made consciously. I want to say that after the hospital I was able to continue breastfeeding of my youngest daughter. Due to the careful attitude to myself and timely taking of designated medications and vitamins my feeding did not affect bones and teeth.

The main weight was lost during 3 months. Now my weight is 78 kg.

I did not hide the reason of my super weight loss, but colleagues did not believe me, and do not believe still today. It is easier to believe in the miraculous properties of goji berries, than when the problem can be solved by means of surgery.

As my forms were improving the state of my oldest daughter was getting worse, because of problems with endocrinology the girl was gaining weight rapidly. She gained 20 kg twice just for a month, and weighed 90 kg at her 14 years!

It is said all over the world that the surgery should be done in adolescents already as soon as possible when the acute need takes place, before the irreversible process begins in the body. And only here in Ukraine in order to operate a child you need permission from the Central Committee of Ethics Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which does not exist for 3 years already!!! And the request regarding this issue to the Ministry of Health is useless. Again I asked Ivan Mikhailovich Todurov for help.

He took the responsibility for the health and life of my child and gave a chance for a normal life to my daughter. June the 10th, 2015 she was operated. This is the youngest patient in the post-Soviet space. She lost 10 kg during the first two weeks after the surgery, a daily dose of hormones doctors were able to reduce by half, she begins to walk normally again. In her eyes there is hope for the future, and I believe that when time comes and despite all the predictions she will be able to give me grandchildren!

I express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Todurov for the male, human and professional help. Thank you so much team in whole! Thank you for the attention, kindness and professionalism!

Good luck to all!

Yours faithfully,

Antoschishina Natalia