Go home for health!


I want to share my story with you. My name is Nadejda Asabina, 58 years old, and for many years I have been living in Ireland. Diabetes type II was my diagnose, suffering from high cholesterol and blood pressure in year 2005. Legs began to swell, I drank handfuls of pills, but sugar was uncontrollably rising higher and higher. In May 2012 I switched to insulin.

5 years ago my husband showed me an article in the British journal "Science", which stated that the operation of obesity also helps with diabetes. I asked my endocrinologist to make an operation, but in return I got the refusal. My weight reached 110 kg (with a height of 174 cm).

Once, on one of the forums I read the story of the miraculous healing of one girl Oksana, I texted her, and she told me that she was rescued in the clinic of Shalimov, by the Professor Todurov Ivan Mikhailovich. I could not even imagine that here, in Ukraine, such kind of complex unconventional operations can be held.

Then I found out that Dr. Ivan Todurov made a similar operation to himself as well. I must admit that this fact was the final straw for making the fateful decision. I called the clinic and made an arrangement with the professor and went from Ireland to Ukraine. October 1st at 12 pm I was already consulting the doctor. To be honest, I was terribly worried and afraid. But after 10 minutes of conversation with Ivan Mikhailovich I totally calmed down.

The operation called Biliopancreatic bypass surgery was done on October 4th, 2012. Yes, it was scary, but the attention and care that surrounded me at the clinic will be remembered forever. Thank you very much for your attention, kindness and support. Now, while it's only been 7 months after the operation, my weight went down from 110.5 to 70 kg, astronaut’s pressure 120/80, legs are not swelling, sugar normalized. And all this was done without a single medication.

My dear friends who suffer from diabetes type II and obesity please do not hesitate, trust surgeons and do the surgery, no matter how much it can cost, because life is the most expensive what we have.

I think I am the lucky one to have found Shalimov clinic. All surgeons are experienced and competent. They are the real professionals. I am really grateful to you all, thank you, kissing your golden hands.