It is amazing to realize that when you are already almost 40 and life is just beginning, no matter how usually it sounds. It is just breathtaking to realize that without these extraordinary, wonderful and best doctors my life would have already ended.

Yes, probably, the most difficult thing is to make a decision. Yes it is very scary... But believe me that you forget about the most difficult time very fast, because the result will not take long.

It might be hard for a normal human to understand that you can enjoy even the fact that you can walk and breathe like people normally do. The feeling of flying comes after 4-4.5 months. That is an absolute euphoria. You begin to understand that recently life was just passing by, but now everything has changed so much, that it just blows your head off. It changed everything your lifestyle, attitude to yourself, even the desire to live, and the "bright colors" were added to my mind... it is impossible to describe everything with words.

And now addressing only to the female half of humanity Girls! How nice it is to get compliments and realize that you begin to like your reflection in the mirror!

Many thanks to the doctors for what they gave to me. I do not know which words to find that would express my gratitude to these people for what they have done for me and for so many patients. Let them be healthy, happy, good luck to them in all their endeavors. Let each day bring them joy and satisfaction with what they do.

I am pleased to share all the experienced feelings and will provide answers to all your questions. My e-mail is: maslei.lena@mail.ru

Lena, Truskavets