In continuation of the story of Ivan, the biggest patient of the Center!


Patient Ivan came to us for a follow-up examination. In May 2021, he successfully underwent laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection - an operation to reduce the volume of the stomach. We remind you that at the time of the appeal, his weight was 316 kg, we managed to prepare Ivan for the operation by conducting a comprehensive multidisciplinary training, thanks to which he lost 30 kg, which made it possible to perform the surgical intervention as safely as possible. After 7 months, Ivan's weight decreased by 101 kg, which is almost 32% of his total body weight, he felt great and began to lead an active lifestyle!

In our Center, a number of clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies have been carried out, according to which compensation for concomitant pathology has been established. However, against the background of massive weight loss, Ivan developed giant fat deposits on his thighs, which significantly prevented him from moving freely. He was offered surgical removal of fat deposits of the thighs.

After the intervention, I lost another extra 30 kg! By the time of discharge, there are no complaints, weight is 185 kg. Now Ivan is confidently striding towards his dream!