Woman from Kiev got rid of diabetes and lost 65 kg after the surgery!


The surgery was conducted by specialists of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation. In five years they have helped hundreds of patients suffering from diabetes using surgical techniques.

It is impossible to imagine even that the smiling redhead thin woman has been recently twice bigger. Oksana calls herself from the past as a “mountain". But it is impossible to see how the woman looked like few years ago. "I deliberately destroyed all my pictures from that "oversized” life – smiles woman from Kiev.

- My problems with weight and sugar level in blood were discovered in 1999.- I lived over a great stress caused by my personal life. That was the point I began to gain weight. My weight was about eighty kilograms then I gained thirty and continued to gain during the year. Cannot say I constantly ate something. Due to the hormonal imbalance, disorders of the body's system everything eaten went in store. I had a terrible apathy. I could lie down without getting up for three or four days. Problems with memory began. It happened only later when I discovered that higher blood sugar level is the worst enemy for the brain cells. The examination took place by accident. I have visited dermatologist and she insisted on a blood test. Second type of diabetes was discovered, treatment was appointed. The level of sugar was very high, 20 with a normal rate of six. The endocrinologist explained that with such a rate people often face coma. I found a lot of information about diabetes and understood that lethargy, weight gain, forgetfulness were about the gradual extinction. I was preparing myself for death. The main thing, I thought, was not to deliver any inconvenience to my relatives...

The eldest daughter of Oksana was horrified when she saw her mother and learned about her condition when she arrived on vacation from Sorbonne in Paris, where she studied at that time. She made her look for professionals who know how to effectively help to get rid of diabetes and excess weight.

- One of the Internet links contained information about Professor Ivan Todurov - continues my companion. - I am interested in the fact that he had an operation after which he got rid of the excess weight. There was also a picture where doctor weighs 190 kilograms and on the next one hundred kilograms less. Professor went all the way by himself as well, so is well aware of patients coming to him. And I came to him. Now, I often think, why I did not look for specialists before? I lost ten years of life and allowed diabetes to develop, became a real wreck. Doctors did a miracle: after the operation, during which Ivan Todurov cut part of my intestine where the glucose digested, the blood sugar level went back to normal. And for three years from that time it does not rise.

“Oksana was one of the most difficult patients of mine ", says the surgeon Ivan Todurov (author's photo)

Oksana is a professor of the higher educational institution. Her colleagues, seeing her state, organized the class schedule in such a way so that she could come to work three days a week and held all the lectures immediately.

-It was beyond my strength to work every day, - sighs the woman. – Due to diabetes I started having problems with the vessels of the legs, oozing sores began to appear. I bought hundred of pairs of nylon socks which I had to throw away, wearing only once. I understood clearly if infection took place, inflammation could occur with which doctors could hardly cope ...It is well known that the so-called diabetic foot can lead to even limb amputation. This was about to happen.

When the eldest daughter went abroad studying, the youngest one stayed with Oksana. But she never noticed the changes occurring to her mother while she saw her every day.

- When we were going with the eldest daughter to Ivan Todurov, Oresta told me that if the doctor did not suit you, we would seek for another one.- But I trusted Ivan Mikhailovich from the first minute. You know, the night before I tried stupid test online that determined my number. I had three, although I always preferred seven and eight. There in the Institute it turned out that the doctor I needed was on the third floor, and his door number was 333.

- You agreed easily to an operation?

- Yes, I realized clearly that it was my only chance. Even the professor scared me by saying that one patient asked to postpone the intervention and then died. When I opened my eyes after surgery, I was glad to wake up. However, it was very hard to breathe. The surgeon came up to me and said that he was satisfied with the result.

- Did you immediately begin to lose weight?

- Every day 200-300 grams went away. My taste preferences changed. I fell in love with sour cream, and cream, which previously did not eat at all. The most spectacular was the fact that the sugar was immediately at a normal rate and no longer rose.

This "side effect" after the operation was noticed long time ago, - says the head of department of surgery of the digestive tract and intestinal transplantation of National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named by Shalimov A. Professor Ivan Todurov. - During the intervention we cut the small intestine, where the absorption of glucose takes place. Therefore the body gets as much sugar as needed. The rest is left behind. Why it is dangerous to have high sugar level in blood? I would compare its effect to a file, moving through the vessels and injuring the most vulnerable structures: the capillaries, the retina and the nerve endings. If you do not anything in time, the process becomes irreversible. Fortunately, Oksana had still a chance. Woman's body began to recover after the surgery.

- I was not ready to change the entire wardrobe - Oksana laughs. - And that I will be interested in life again. People with whom I worked at the institute started to recognize me. And in the Academy, where I studied seven years ago, I was "identified" only by voice. I lost weight up to 75 kg. And I feel great.

- Unfortunately, every year more and more people with overweight are coming to us, - adds Ivan Todurov. - The extra kilograms often come due to changes in the rhythm of life, constant stress, the consumption of poor-quality food, excess of sweet and pastry dishes. It is very hard to get rid of extra kilograms with means of diet, exercise and willpower. Five years ago, we began to use a technique of Biliopancreatic bypass: we exclude one or another intestinal sections thereby adjusting carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Currently we operated more than three hundred patients. We started to note that terrible diabetic disease receded. We have information about hundreds of such people. Having studied the experience of our foreign colleagues, we realized that surgery can help those who suffer from diabetes, but are not obese at the same time. Already ten of such patients underwent this surgery. They have returned normal blood sugar level, but they do not lose weight. We only disable the function of glucose absorption. This is the secret.

All obese people have diabetes at the end?

- It depends on heredity. But over time, if the person continues to gain weight, diabetes will soon appear. In addition, people with overweight will have atherosclerosis, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases, apnea happens during sleep. All this is a very dangerous condition. Young people’s personal life usually is being ruined, they have limited physical abilities and many lose their jobs. According to the statistics, people with overweight live 10-15 years less than slim ones.

Oksana repeated many times that it turned out to be surprising that none of her endocrinologists advised her to consult surgeons. Experts form the capital should have known about the medical updates, about the experience of their colleagues.

Half of our patients tell us that they were looking for such treatment where surgical methods of treatment of obesity and diabetes are used for more than two years - says Ivan Mikhailovich. –People usually find out about this mainly from the Internet, and also so-called Gypsy-mail makes its job, when patients get to know about the treatment from someone else. Doctors still are restrained to surgical methods of treatment of diabetes and obesity. However, this trend is developing. In the nearest future more centers, which will apply our methodology will be opened. Patients will be treated in Kyiv Regional Hospital, the city center of Endocrinology, Heart Institute. Obese people often have problems with the heart and blood vessels. In this case it is impossible to fully examine them while modern diagnostic equipment is designed for patients weighing less than 130 kilograms. More than once we were invited to the Heart Institute, where we carried out the operation to reduce the volume of the stomach or intestine was shunted. When patient lost weight, the operation on the heart was carried out. At the moment, we already have all the patients being prepared for the surgery, after which they will lose weight, and get rid of diabetes. In recent years the institute governance was changed, some courts’ cases held, the team experienced stress, and patients were worried as well whether the treatment will be provided at the same high level as before. I can say that the current director Alexander Usenko welcomes new techniques and supports doctors who are developing Ukrainian medicine. So we not only help, as before, but also try to improve our arsenal.

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