OLESYA Ivanova: "Previously my weight was 177 kg, and now is 98"


39-year-old resident of Kremenchug who participated in the first season of the popular show "Zvazheni I schaslivi " could significantly lose weight only after surgery on the stomach and intestines.

How Olesya was crying, talking about how she wanted to lose weight for her son, so he was not ashamed of her! Her despair and the desire to change her life were so strong that she even undressed in front of a TV camera, and remained in short top and tight shorts that highlighted all the shortcomings of the huge weight of her body. Due to the participation in the first season of the popular project "Zvazheni i schaslivi" that ran on TV, Olesya from Kremenchug managed to lose about forty kilograms. But even then, when the surgeon Ivan Todurov who performs surgeries from obesity saw this woman on the television, called me with words: "I beg you, find a phone of this woman! She will not be able to lose a lot, and most importantly, to not gain weight again. It is definitely my patient. I just have to help her." I called Olesya after the final weigh where she appeared in a bright red dress, a gift from a well-known TV presenter Oksana Marchenko. "How just in time you are! - Pleased woman. - Unfortunately, I cannot lose weight on my own. Returning from the project I started to gain weight again ... without a doctor I cannot do it. "

Nine months ago Olesya underwent surgery on the stomach and intestines. A week ago, I met her in Kiev and I was shocked by the result: huge folds on the hips disappeared, which were making her sluggish and heavy, her stomach was gone. Now she is a beautiful young woman and you would not say that she is 39. While a year ago Olesya looked much older...

"Her friends said," You have such beautiful sloping shoulders "... But no one has ever said," Olesya, it is enough to eat! "

- The fact that I have an excess weight first came to my mind after the childbirth, at 23, - Olesya said. - However, she started to gain kilos even before this. For three years I tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. The treatment led to the fact that I was very stout. After the childbirth, I had to gather myself together. I thought that I should keep a diet, limit food, especially in the evening, reduce portions of sweet, but to be honest, I did not go further than talking.

Why could not you refuse even from sweets?

- I do not know. My husband often brought candies, chocolates, and girlfriends visited and brought always something. Now, I ask them: why none of you ever said I'm fat? Why no one said, "Olesya, you look ugly! You need to lose weight! "

- Maybe they were afraid to offend you?

- Strangers should be afraid to offend. Close ones, on the contrary, are to tell the truth. For me they just found these words: "You have such beautiful sloping shoulders ... You have a gorgeous figure, you look like Venus ... You have stunned eyes ..." But no one has ever said, "Olesya, it is enough eating!"

- How often did you weigh?

- Never. Even when visited doctor I was afraid to do it what if the scales suddenly break under me? I do not know which weight is the limit to be indicated on medical scales – metal ones, with little weights - 100, or 120 kilograms. I learned about my weight just before the start of the project and it was 177 kilograms! Frankly speaking, I did not feel anything extraordinary at that time. It was just kind of awkward, that this figure was heard not only by me, but by the whole Ukraine.

- Why did you decide to come to the project?

- Once in a conversation with goddaughter, I said, "I saw a TV advertising project. I want to write to them." She supported me. When I started to respond to the questionnaire, I realized that I write not only on my own behalf and on behalf of all those for who it is hard to live with such a huge weight. I thought of my friend, who at the time was half the size of me. When she came to get a job in a shop where they sold phones, she was said: "Well, girl, you have such a constitution ..." That touched me as well.

- You are a nurse...

- At first I worked as a nurse then was trained as a paramedic. Since I have a great vacation - two months I did not have to resign from work or take extra days at my own expense. Only few knew in the hospital what I decided to do. When I told the Secretary of our chief physician Zoya Nikolaevna, that I was leaving for the television project, she said: "If you, Olesya, decided to just do it. I'll cover you. "

- Was your son really as ashamed of you as you said on the project?

- It was embarrassing for him. Artem went in a music school, played with the kids in the group. But I never went to his performances, because I just could not fit in the chair in the auditorium. And to stand all the time somewhere in the back of the room for me it would be a torture. Therefore, all the performances visited his grandfather. If Artyom was asked why his mother did not come, he said that she worked, or felt bad, or left somewhere... But I always wanted to see my son on the school stage.

- Your son did not say that you are fat?

- From him I always heard only one thing: "Mom, you are the most beautiful and the best!" He never even hinted that I should lose weight. It happened that at 12 o'clock at night, I suddenly wanted to eat sweets, an ice cream or chocolate. I could wake up Artem, saying: "Son, please go to the store," and he got dressed and went without a murmur, never said: "Mom, look at you, you cannot eat at night."

"Back home, I tried to cook boiled, steamed, but my son with his father did not survive that, and I again started to sculpt dumplings, bake pies and roast chicken"

- When you came to the project how you felt in the company of such people like you?

- Like at home! While I was surrounded by normal warm big people (laughs). I had a great grandmother, great mom. In addition, we lived on the same floor with the young guys - Zhenya, Sasha, Misha. They could be always asked about a favor to bring sneakers, a jacket or a cup of tea. Even on the project, each of us was looking for a loophole, in order not to move again. This is the overweight human psychology.

- How you survived the hard work? Probably never in your life you had to run and walk that much...

- Once upon a time I was engaged in weightlifting, so I know what sport training is. The coach Anita Lutsenko, the team which I was in, realized immediately that I was a person of my word and demanded from me a promise – then I would do that whatever even happens. I left the project on the sixth week. By the time I lost 27 kilograms. But it did not last long. I returned back home at Easter. I went over it properly. The second week after Easter is a memorial one and my mother died just before it. And I failed. It was hard for me and I was crying, and did not want to see and hear anybody ...A psychologist from the project with whom I continue to communicate helped me to get out of this condition.

  • Did you manage to change your diet?

- At first, I cooked as I was taught: boiled and steamed. My son and my father did not survive this and literally howled: "We want to eat normal food!" So I already two weeks after the project molded dumplings, baked cakes and fried chicken ... And, of course, ate with them. I cannot say I did not try to limit myself. I wanted to, but did not succeed. Although after the project I cut sweets. It is very difficult to reconstruct the family diet, which got used to a certain lifestyle. My dad is 78 years old; he does not need to lose weight. For him, food is now the only pleasure in life. My son is a young, tall and thin. He allows himself to eat anything, candies and cakes and pies ... He needs to eat in order to live.

When I realized that I cannot lose weight any more, I decided to ask for help from doctors. Started to search for information on the Internet, I wrote down even some phones. And then you called me. Right after our conversation, I called Ivan Todurov and the next day came to him for an advice. A month later, he did an operation.

- Did the surgeon explain what he would make during the intervention? How to achieve the weight loss?

- Yes, I agreed on anything whatever he cuts or leaves or sew somewhere else. The main thing - looking me in the eyes, Ivan Mikhailovich said: "The result will definitely come." Moreover, he told how he went through this way by himself. After all, he once weighed 180 kilograms and was able to lose weight only after the operation. I asked Ivan Mikhailovich to undress and show how his stomach looked like now, arms, and any scars left. The surgeon fulfilled my request. However, after this I had to undress as well, so that the doctor was able to see the places where I have the fat. On the eve of the operation, surgeons say that according to my age and growth the optimal weight for me is 75-80 kilos and that two years after the operation, my weight will be exactly like that, not more!

(Details about such surgeries can be found on the site hirurgia.com.ua)

- How much do you weigh now?

- 98. You cannot imagine how I wanted to weigh less than a hundred kilograms. Now I weigh every week and write down the numbers as was advised by Ivan Mikhailovich. There was a time when the process of losing weight stayed on the same place for a half or two months. Ivan Mikhailovich comforted me on the phone: "There is a restructuring of the body. During certain periods, it may even be a plus one. No need to panic." And surely soon the weight started to decrease again. After the surgery, I lost weight gradually. Sometimes I lose only three kilograms per month, although there are periods when during the same amount of time ten to fourteen kilos go away. Now one or two kilos are lost per week.

- And at the same time you can eat whatever you want? No limits?

- Yes. Just a month after my return from the hospital, it was the eighth of March. Ivan Mikhailovich said that on holiday I already can eat barbecue and pizza ... I remember enjoying the view and the smell of grilled meat. It was fragrant! Then I took off the skewer one piece, divided it into four parts, and ate only one.

- Why only a tiny one?

- I got enough of it. After the operation, I have lost the feeling of a constant hunger. Now I gorge on even with a small piece. I love cakes with cabbage, potatoes and mushrooms. To get enough, it is enough for me to bite the pie once, rather than eat many of them like five or six pieces as before. However, I still have old habits. Buy at least two pies with the thought: "What if suddenly I want more?" I eat half, and the rest is fed to the dog. I boil 20-30 dumplings, but put in the plate a total of four or five, and do not want more.

- It turns out that the operation is forcibly changing the eating habits?

- I think it rebuilds the body, and it takes what it needs. Suppose I had not eaten soup before, but now on my table there is constantly borscht and soups. I eat fish now that I did not like before. When grapes come, I eat a handful in the palm of my hand. How bad I felt after it and it hurt! The doctor advised to eat it only peeled.

- During the final weighing on the project it was impossible to notice the skin folds on your hands. You are much thinner. Are there problems with sagging skin?

- Very little. Not to say that this causes me discomfort. But by the summer, when you can wear short and open tunics, I hope I will solve this issue with the help of cosmetic surgery. Ivan Mikhailovich promised he would make me beautiful.

- We see that you've changed mentally. Your eyes are bright...

- Yes, everybody notice it. In summer I wear glasses, but now it cannot hide it (laughs).

- You probably already changed clothes several times? What you do with the old stuff?

- Ivan Mikhailovich said that while he was losing weight, he gave four bags of clothing, and I probably have given six.

- It was a pity to part with it?

- Yes! At first I tried to alter everything. Some of the outfits I was given by friends who lose weight too. What is striking is that now I constantly have to buy new shoes. I cannot imagine that the leg can become thinner too. I had a 41 size, and now it is 39.

- You left a thing to remember?

- Yes. I have a jacket, which can easily fit for three. Wow! My heart squeezes when I put it on. But let’s not talk about bad things. Yesterday bought a dress size 46 not 68 or seventy-some, but 46th! I want to get to the 42nd; it is only a little bit!

- Did the loss of extra kilos change something in your personal life?

- I am very demanding. Looking at the man and understand what he is capable for. And it is not easy for men with me. However, I note that now men often smile to me, call, visit my site. But if I do not like something, I can answer sharply. I'm not a cat it is not enough to say a kind word that's all. Purposefully I am not looking for the man itself. Maybe I am not ready for this yet.

- So you do not lose weight to please someone?

- No. It is only for me. Only for me.

- Any health improvement?

- I can say it is now almost perfect. Intervertebral hernia did not disappear. But even skinny people face such problems and overweight simply gives additional load on the spine. For the rest, I can walk, run, swim, jump, and ride a bike. In summer my son and I went to rest at sea, so he was indignant: "The other mothers are like mothers just lay on the couch and mine is like "Let’s ran up the hill! Choose higher! "My son does not like extreme. And I do.

* Now Olesya continues to lose weight. "I want to get to the 42nd size - only a little bit is left," - says the woman (photo by Sergey Tushino, "FACTS")

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