Good Health on Inter: How to Lose Weight?



Ivan Todurov spoke about the upcoming obesity epidemic in the Good Health on Inter talk show.

Why are people in the whole world getting better?

What are the main reasons for gaining weight?

How can you get rid of extra pounds?

Every year the topic of excess weight becomes more and more relevant. And most people are well aware of how dangerous extra pounds can be: they lead to shortness of breath, joint pain, the development of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. So is obesity an aesthetic problem or a serious medical condition? Can an overweight person be absolutely healthy? What Causes Obesity?

One of the most commonly used formulas for measuring obesity is body mass index (BMI), obtained by dividing a person's weight (in kilograms) by their height (in meters) squared. It is generally accepted that a person with a BMI equal to or greater than 30 is obese, and a person with a BMI equal to or greater than 25 is overweight. TV presenter Dmitry Chistyakov will come to the talk show studio, for whom a lot of weight is part of his stellar image. Like any man, he loves to eat and never deny himself a tasty treat. But recently Dima thought about losing weight. Now he goes in for sports and eats right, learned how to cook healthy food and monitor the regime. How many kilograms did he lose during the quarantine? Is it difficult to maintain a healthy weight? How to maintain a balance between image and health?

Also, a young beauty weighing 160 kilograms, a Spanish woman Stancu, will come to the Good Health on Inter studio. Medieval artists would probably paint pictures from it. But is she satisfied with her appearance, weight and health? What dangers lie in wait for an overweight woman? Another talk show heroine, Julia Perekhrest, could not curb her appetite for more than 10 years. What made her start fighting extra pounds? How did she manage to lose 40 kg? And what should be done to avoid typing them again?

How to lose weight correctly? What is a balanced diet? How to teach an overweight child to eat healthy? Who is bariatric surgery indicated for? And how many kilograms can you lose thanks to surgery? Talk show experts, as well as professor, surgeon, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Ivan Mikhailovich Todurov will help to understand these and other issues.