SURGEON IVAN Todurov "Obese people worldwide referred to as food addicted. An OPERATION can help them"


Violetta Chirtoca, "FACTS"

Every year the theme of obesity is becoming increasingly important. And the majority is well aware of how dangerous the extra weight can be as it leads to shortness of breath, joint pain, the development of hypertension and diabetes type II. But even knowing that many problems will be solved after weight loss, not everyone can cope with it and to change lifestyle in order to reduce portions, force you to walk every day, to give up sweets, starchy foods and fat ... Not so long ago, scientists discovered that the appetite hormone is generated in the upper compartment of the stomach. And if you remove it, at the same time reducing the volume of the organ, the person will be quickly satisfied, and not experience a constant desire to eat. In addition, people who weigh more than 120 kilograms, additional intervention on the intestine is conducted. It is rearranged in such way so that the carbohydrates are sucked in an amount required for the body. Such operations are carried out by Kiev experts as well. Details of the techniques that are used for obesity surgery were told us by the head of department of the alimentary canal surgery and transplantation, bowel surgery, and the National Institute of Transplantology named by Shalimov A by Professor Ivan Todurov.

"In the upper part of the stomach the hormone of appetite is produced - and it makes a person eat all the time"

* Good afternoon. My name is Sergey. I am from Kiev. At the moment, I weigh a little bit more than 150 kilograms. I understand that this is too much. Ready to start the fight against an excess weight, but recently I suffered a minor stroke. In addition I suffer from diabetes type 2, I have constantly inflamed joints. Doctors also revealed thrombosis of the leg veins. Due to all of these illnesses, I guess the operation cannot be done?

- The most dangerous thing for you is diabetes. But its reason is overweight. And if you start to lose weight, your blood sugar level will drop. We do not reject such difficult patients like you. For example, one man who weighed 193 kilograms was being prepared for surgery on the intestines and stomach for two and a half months. For that time a special balloon was inserted into the stomach, which gives a person the constant feeling of satisfaction and does not allow eating more. Thanks to this preparatory phase the man lost 22 kilograms. Respiratory performance was significantly improved and anesthetists could already give him anesthesia. Two weeks ago, we operated this man. He lost fifteen kilograms more. The other day he called me and said he felt great. We have allowed him already to eat everything he wants. Modern methods are good in the way that after the surgery a person does not have to give up favorite foods and sweets. And our patients gradually lose weight until the weight will not be optimal.

How it happens?

- We calculate it using the so-called body mass index by a special formula. Body weight in kilograms is divided by height in meters squared. The resulting number is the main indicator. If it matches the numbers from 20 to 25, then a person is of normal weight. We achieve such a result for our patients.

* - Hello, my name is Victoria. I'm calling from Odessa. I am 39 years old. I cannot say I'm fat. With the growth of 170 centimeters my weight is 85 kilograms. But it is very difficult to keep this weight. I'm afraid if it gets higher my husband will go away to a slim woman. And there is no doubt I will gain weight while I am constantly hungry.

- In some cases, it is impossible to cope with an appetite; you cannot even drown it. And it has nothing to do with strong or weak human will. In the upper part of the stomach there is a zone in which appetite hormone is produced and is called ghrelin. It is directly related to the pleasure hormone (endorphin), which begins to be produced, as soon as a person enjoyed the meal. Something like this happens with a drug addict after taking the drug and with an alcoholic after drinking alcohol. In the whole world this concept is already used as a food addict. People really become addicted to food. It is possible to surgically cope with this.

- What are you doing during the surgery?

-Taking into account your weight and height, I think it will be enough to remove the stomach area, where the appetite hormone is released, as well as to reduce the size of the organ. Moreover, such an intervention is performed using laparoscopy through several punctures via one a miniature video camera is inserted, in all others there are tools. After this operation, the patient usually recovers quickly. Patients with body mass index of less than 40, we only do this first phase of a major operation. When the stomach becomes a narrow tube, a person eats much less than before, it eliminates the need for constantly being full. If you are ready for treatment, come for consultation to the Institute of Surgery and Transplantation, which is located in Kiev at Heroes of Sevastopol 30 street. Apply for a consultation, please call: (044) 408-19-09 (until 11.00 on weekdays). My office number is 333.

“Almost all of our patients got rid of diabetes of the second type after the bowel surgery”

* - Good afternoon, Angela from Krivoy Rog is calling. My husband weighs a lot, about 160 kilograms. I wanted to know about the procedure of the intestinal bypass.

- During this operation we cut from work most of it. Thereafter only a certain number of essential body substances are absorbed from food. And all surpluses which are deposited in adipose tissue are derived. Shunting we tend to perform simultaneously with the operation on the stomach. We guarantee patients that after that they will steadily lose weight and not gain it when the weight comes to its standards. You can find more information about the procedures that we use, with a full description and photos, even patients on the site of our department Today Biliopancreatic bypass surgery is the most effective in the fight against obesity. The operation is technically difficult, but it gives excellent results. Moreover, pain in the stomach is not developed after it, there are no ulcers. During the operation, we measure the length of the line intestine. Normally, a person must have four and a half meters. But often fix even five and a half and seven meters.

- is this intestine so stretched after a huge amount of food?

- Yes. Everything is interconnected: a person gains weight, it means that it needs more calories, therefore, a lot of food. When suction capacity of the intestine is increased it begins to lengthen.

* - Good afternoon. My name is Victor, I'm from the city of Belaya Cerkov. I heard of cylinders, which are inserted into the stomach, allowing you to lose weight. But I did not realize how long a device can be in the body?

- Not more than six months. This is a foreign body, which irritates the stomach. I would call this method of weight loss as permanent, preparatory before the big surgery. According to statistics, only 20 percent of people normally carry a balloon. The rest complain that they feel it inside. In addition, it is important to know that a balloon cannot help losing more than 30 kilograms.

* - Tatyana Pavlovna from Simferopol is calling. I am 60 years old. I have diabetes type II, I do not get insulin. I read that after bowel surgery your blood sugar level comes back to normal. Can I come and have a surgery?

- What is your height and weight?

- 110 kg, height 160 cm.

- Indeed, almost all of our patients after bowel surgery get rid of diabetes of the second type. During this intervention, we cut from work part of the small intestine, which actively absorbs carbohydrates. That part that remains is enough to provide the body with energy. So we manage to normalize the blood sugar level.

* - Ivan Mikhailovich, Marina from Colomia is calling. How soon after surgery a person can return to the usual diet? Or you need to constantly adhere to a diet?

- It is required only after the intervention itself, while joints are being healed. Usually we recommend for a month and a half not eating fat, fried food. Then the diet can be extended. As a general rule, six months after the surgery, our patients eat whatever they want, even the spicy food.

- A portion should be cut?

- Due to the fact that the volume of the stomach was reduced, you will literally eat teaspoons for the first time. While the tank for food is for not more than 100 grams. But after 15 minutes the food passes down the gastrointestinal tract. And a person can eat a new portion of food. You should just get used to it. Our patients tend to need a little time to adjust to the new regime, and not to experience any discomfort.

"For obese people it is even hard to perform sedentary work"

* - Hello, Anatoly from Kiev is calling. I saw an ad for a meeting with your patients and doctors on the site of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantation. Anyone can come? I weigh more than 140 kilograms. But I cannot force myself for treatment...

Just for people like you, we decided to create a club of "winning weight." Many overweight people are not aware of surgical techniques to fight obesity. But after learning about operations, do not dare for treatment due to the fear of complications. Before going to the operating table, the patients ask me to give phone numbers of people who have already had surgery. You surely should come to the meeting which will be held on November 10, Saturday, at 10:00 am in the conference hall of the Kiev Center of the heart (Bratislava, 5a street), admission is free. There you will be able to communicate personally with those who have lost weight with the help of our methods, ask them if they had to change the diet and about difficulties with which they faced. The first meeting of the club, we have decided to organize in the center of the heart, because all obese people have problems with the cardiovascular system. It is difficult to find anesthesia for such patients; they need to take medications that support the work of the heart. We often consult with a cardiologist before surgery for obese people. You will hear several presentations of doctors who will tell in details about all the existing methods.

- How many of operated patients will come to the meeting?

- We invited everyone. I think there will be not less than twenty people. Many of those who we operated want to communicate, share their experiences, to boast success. People with excess weight were forced to literally close life, now they become active, they ski, travel. They certainly will tell also about this side of their life. It is not a secret that it is hard to perform even sedentary work for an obese person. Person falls asleep as soon as sits. Moreover, obese people tend to snore. But it's not just unpleasant. Such a person has breathing stops during the sleep that is life-threatening.

* - I confess, I would like to lose weight, but I'm afraid of the operation ... It's always a risk.

- I am very worried about each of my patients; because I know what technical difficulties can be expected during the surgery. I never force a person to agree to intervene, if I see that a person is not psychologically ready for it. Experience allows me to draw conclusions which of the patients it will be easier to work with. If a person comes to me with the words "Save me! I'm dying”, it means that a person already understood how dangerous an extra weight is and has tried to do something. And body is not that important but health. Such patients are attentive to the words of the doctor, perform all of the recommendations, work with surgeons in general, and thus can achieve a good result.

Photo by Sergey Datsenko, "FACTS"